Pit Stop

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     I wanted to share a little about my journey so far, especially as things are coming to fruition. I thought about sharing how it’s difficult to find time to write and how the market for writers is a vast ocean filled with several metaphors for the writers, readers, and the middle-men that are called publishers, but we all know that anything worth doing or that is of importance to us will be filled with struggles and hurdles. So, I find time to write and I stay up late to pursue my dreams. And I may not get the amount of sleep that I want sometimes and the pace at which I want things to evolve might be slower than I like, but I keep my nose to the grindstone, or laptop rather, with passion and dedication.

       A famous author was once asked how he writes. He responded, ‘one word at a time.’ I love how simple yet profound that statement is. I have the quote framed in my office as a reminder to keep going. The scariest part of traveling down this path is the number of unknowns. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t writing to become famous. I am, but I think my interpretation of ‘famous’ or ‘success’ is different from what most people may believe it to be. Sure, I dream of getting a big movie deal or having one of my stories picked up for a “Black Mirror” episode, but if that is all I focused on, I’m going to be very disappointed when those calls never come in. Instead I focus on small goals that I feel are more obtainable. It is who I am at the core. I do look forward though, to the day when I accomplish what I have set forth to do and can set higher goals for myself.

       I've written before regarding the fear I have about writing. I’ve come to accept that Fear is much like that bully in middle school. He can taunt you and poke you and discourage you all he wants, but you can’t let him stop you from being you. So, I put him in the detention of my mind and ignore him as I pursue my goals. And, when the time is up and he comes again to give me a hard time, I repeat the process.

      With that said, I present to you my first work. ‘Bizarre Events’. It will be a collection of short stories I have written over the past year. Some are science fiction and others are horror, but each tale will be relatable while stretching your imagination and thoughts. I’m very proud of what I have come up with and know you will enjoy it, especially if you are into the ‘Twilight Zone’ style of stories. I have two more shorts to finish up before I begin the editing process followed by publication.

        After much research, sore eyes, and late nights, I’ve decided to self-publish. This is an ‘unknown’ that I am trying to mitigate. There are countless magazines, e-zines, and book publishers (both indie and big name) that are constantly looking for authors to bring to the market. And while you may be a great author, if you do not fit their style, you will be kindly sent an email thanking you for your submission and turning you down. Anyone who has been in the craft long enough understands this as ‘part of the process’.   Because I am a bit of a pioneer and enjoy relying on myself for most things, I believe that ‘self-publishing’ is the route for me. Please don’t mistake this for ego. I do not think of myself as a Stephen King or a Michael Crichton that is constantly getting rejected because ‘they don’t know any better.’ But I do believe enough in my writing that I am better than what I have seen in certain papers. Enough to push me to seek self-publication.

         There are positives and negatives to the route I have chosen, but I’m resourceful and have put together a plan that I think will yield results. I have decided to publish through Amazon. This will cover me for online sales. But because, aside from the 160 followers on Bookstagram, my name is not known, I will have to rely on good writing and clever marketing on my behalf.  This will entail ads on Instagram and Facebook to promote my work. I am also looking to put together a Pacific Northwest book and festival tour. There are many local shops that support and promote home-grown writers with open doors. I love this idea as a new author and will love sharing my book with locals. Lastly, I have also decided to go the path of crowd funding. I won’t need to raise any money to publish my book as I am covering all costs out of my own pocket, but I believe I can use those sites as an avenue for promotion and exposure. 

      I share these things with you in hopes that someone finds it helpful. I love that each author, no matter how famous they are now, was once just someone in front of a keyboard or typewrite with big hopes and dreams. I am still several months away from seeing a finished product, but the end is in sight and felt that it was time to begin documenting my journey.

      I welcome you to stay tuned and see what becomes of ‘Bizarre Events’!