Thoughts: Fear


‘Fear’ is something we are all familiar with and although common, it covers a wide range of emotion. Sometimes it may be beneficial, and yet other instances, it becomes detrimental. 

I find myself, as a new writer, being fearful of many things when it comes to writing. Is it good enough? Does my story flow or read well? At the end of all this effort, will someone want to read it? And, the important one…Am I good enough?

I know, without a doubt, that I can be a successful writer (Success is relative. Will I be a Nobel award winning author? Not likely, but can I write a book that will be read by dozens and dozens of people? Yes!) Having this confidence is new to me and that is certainly scary. But the confidence is there. I have achieved many great victories in my life, what makes this goal any different?

Here is where ‘Fear’ decides to have a chat with me. It tries to talk me out of putting in effort. It sits down in the back of my mind and stays for a while, creating doubt. It is easy for him to stay, as writing a book (come to find out) is a very daunting task. I know where I want to take it and I work with making my plot right, yet he stays seated. 

So, what am I fearful of? Am I afraid of completing a story? Am I letting my shortcomings dictate my success? Or is it the fear of the unknown that clouds my vision? I believe there is truth in all of these questions. So, what can I do? 

I can continue, without the finish line in sight, working towards the goal I set for me. I can trust in myself that, regardless of how tired I am or whether the plot is or isn’t working (for the moment), I have what it takes to bring it to the end.


Don’t. Give. Up.